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(Update: 7/26/20)


We conveniently accept registration requests online. Tuition and registration fee ($25 for new Children's Division students; $50 for new Student Division students) will be charged at the time registration is processed. Once registered, your child's place in class is reserved through the school year. Our goal is to return instruction to the physical studio when we safely can according to COVID-19 conditions; class delivery format, schedules and instructors are subject to change. Classes are subject to cancellation if minimum-enrollment requirements are not met.


Tuition for August and September is to be paid in one prorated payment at the time of Fall registration. Each class level’s tuition fee is calculated on an average of four weeks of lessons per month. Tuition for May and June is to be paid in one prorated payment by May 1st. Tuition for months that contain more or less weeks of instruction will not be adjusted, as these variations are already taken into account in the average, monthly-tuition calculation.


Monthly tuition payments must be made by credit card, either manually through our website or by opting into automatic tuition payments. Automatic tuition payments will be processed between the first and fifth business day of the month. A late fee of $10.00 will be charged to accounts outstanding beyond the 10th of each month. A fully-paid account balance is required for student participation.


Registration fees are nonrefundable. Tuition is nonrefundable once classes begin. There will be no refunds nor tuition adjustments for missed classes except in the event of documented illness or injury necessitating absence of ten consecutive days or more.


Families with two children enrolled at the Contra Costa Ballet Centre receive a 10% discount on the lower-level child’s tuition. Families with three or more children enrolled receive a 10% discount on each child’s tuition. These discounts do not apply to students on scholarship.


Makeup classes are not available for online classes. For our dancers' security, online classes are not permitted to be recorded for retroactive viewing.



Withdrawal requests must be received at least two weeks in advance of the withdrawal date by submitting notification in writing; otherwise two weeks’ tuition will be owed. Tuition will not be adjusted for withdrawal requests made after May 15th of the current school year unless due to a documented illness, injury or family emergency.

The Contra Costa Ballet Foundation awards scholarships to currently-enrolled students in Levels 6 and Company who demonstrate a high potential for ballet as well as financial need. To request a Scholarship Application, please contact the CCBC school administrator.

Additionally, to encourage young men, the Contra Costa Ballet Centre, in partnership with the Contra Costa Ballet Foundation, offers one-half tuition scholarships to its eligible male students in the Student Division (Levels 1 - Company). This scholarship applies to the regular tuition amount according to the dancer's level, excluding tuition for Boys'/Men's classes or additional fees such as registration, performance or membership fees. Additional details may be found in the Boys' Scholarship Program Participation Agreement.

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