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We at Contra Costa Ballet Centre are dedicated to providing the highest level of training possible, by recruiting the finest, most thoroughly-trained and educated world-class teachers available. The school is run with the highest level of professionalism: show up, be on time, work smart, and the fun is in the work. These lessons will always serve you well whether in a professional dance career, collegiate program, or any field that requires a developed sense of responsibility. We encourage respectful behavior and classroom decorum, an integral part of dance training. We are a very inclusive school. We do not discriminate against anyone based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin and judge only by one's work ethic, desire and merit. Our alumni have become leaders in the dance field, populating companies throughout the United States.


The Contra Costa Ballet Centre syllabus is truly American, taking the best of the Russian and Italian schools. The directors of CCBC and its faculty have all studied the Ceccetti (Italian) and Vaganova (Russian) systems extensively, and, all coming from professional backgrounds, have danced in companies that have favored one technique over the other. For example, New York City Ballet has featured the works of their founder, Balanchine, who, being Russian, was very influenced by the Russian system yet created his own. Or American Ballet Theatre which is known for their very broad repertory featuring works by American, Danish, Italian and Russian choreographers. It is with this depth of knowledge and experience that the CCBC faculty is able to offer your student a truly American syllabus.



The Contra Costa Ballet Company is a pre-professional company of unusual stature. Only a few youth groups of this quality exist in America today.

Dancers work with top professionals and perform the classics of Petipa, Balanchine, Dolin and Lichine, plus exciting new works by guest choreographers. The Company and its activities are sponsored by the Contra Costa Ballet Foundation, a not-for-profit organization whose goal is to foster and develop the art of dance in Contra Costa County.


Founded in 1974, the Contra Costa Ballet Foundation is a non-profit organization bringing the art of dance to the East Bay. Our mission is to provide affordable, professionally-staged dance performances to our community.  We are also devoted to supporting a regional dance company, Contra Costa Ballet Company, and providing deserving young dancers with scholarships to be trained and gain performance experiences which will prepare them for a professional career in dance.  Through various Outreach Events, the Foundation seeks to bring the ballet to local schools and the public.  Contra Costa Ballet Centre is the official school of the Contra Costa Ballet Company. 




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