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2023 - 2024
(Updated 7/20/23)



Registration for the Fall & Spring Sessions is accepted on a rolling basis through February 1st. Classes often reach capacity quickly, so it is encouraged to register as early as possible. Once registered, your child's place is reserved through the end of the school year.



When registering for the Fall/Spring sessions, one-month's tuition will be charged at the time of registration. Thereafter, tuition payments are due the first of each month. Accounts opted into automatic billing will have tuition charged to the credit card on file between the 1st - 10th business day of the month. Tuition is a flat rate per month regardless of the length of the month. Tuition will not be adjusted for shorter or longer months, school breaks, or class cancellations. 

There are no tuition refunds or adjustments, except for prolonged absence of ten consecutive days or more due to documented illness, injury or emergency. Tuition will not be adjusted for family vacations, so please plan your vacations accordingly. Families with two children enrolled at the Contra Costa Ballet Centre receive a 10% discount on the lower-level child’s tuition. Families with three or more children enrolled receive a 10% discount on each child’s tuition. These discounts do not apply to students on scholarship.

A late fee of $25.00 is charged to all accounts outstanding beyond the 10th of each month. A $30.00 service charge will be charged on all returned checks. New students pay a non-refundable $50 registration fee. Beginning 8/14/23, a processing charge of 2.5% of the total transaction will be charged to all credit/debit card payments. Processing charges are not incurred on payments received in the form of cash or check.



Classes are subject to cancellation if minimum enrollment is not met.


Students in Levels 1 - Company may make up classes within 4 weeks of their absence, in the level below their own. Students in Pre and Basic Ballet may make up in another section of their class level if available.


All class levels have the opportunity to perform in the Contra Costa Ballet Centre’s annual Student Showcase held in May at the Lesher Center for the Arts. Each class will present a choreographic demonstration based on their class syllabus.


All promotion decisions in the Student Division are made and communicated via student conferences at the end of the school year. Promotions are based on individual skill as well as class configuration (e.g. students having similar needs being grouped together). In the United States, ballet dancers begin training at different ages, take different amount of classes in the beginning and are not hand selected for body types. Thus, it is natural that students would progress at different rates and should not be discouraged if asked to repeat a level.


If a student wishes to withdraw before the end of the school year, the office must be notified two weeks in advance of the withdrawal date by submitting notification in writing; otherwise two weeks’ tuition will be owed. Tuition will not be adjusted for withdrawal requests made after May 15th of the current school year unless due to a documented illness, injury or family emergency.


Students are expected to follow all school rules and etiquette. Dancers should clean up after themselves and keep their belongings neatly in their dance bag in the back of the studio along with their water bottles. Dancers should lounge in the lobby and keep the dressing room open for changing. There is no talking in class, and it is not proper etiquette to lean on the barre with your elbows or drink water at the barre. If late, dancers should stand at the studio door and wait to be invited in before entering. Dancers should treat administrators, faculty and fellow students with respect. Disrespectful behavior and bullying will not be tolerated.

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