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Contra Costa Ballet Centre's leadership programs offer upper-level dancers (Levels 6 & Company) the opportunity to connect with, inspire and share the knowledge of their art with aspiring younger dancers. As ambassadors of Contra Costa Ballet, the dancers serve as volunteers at community outreach and fundraising events. The program also encourages the dancers to develop their own leadership skills through the mentoring program and teacher-assistant programs.


Through the Contra Costa Ballet Foundation's Community Outreach Program, Company dancers visit local preschool, elementary, and dance schools, as well as other community partners and demonstrate and teach variations from Contra Costa Ballet's upcoming performances, introducing children to the art and discipline of classical ballet.


As teacher assistants, upper-level dancers (Levels 6 & Company) have the opportunity to work alongside seasoned faculty members and study the art of ballet instruction. Teacher assistants are trained to lead the class both in the studio and on stage at the Contra Costa Ballet Centre's annual Student Showcase.


Company dancers serve as role models for the Contra Costa Ballet Centre's younger dancers and are assigned a lower-level class to teach level-appropriate variations of choreography from the Company's upcoming performances.

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